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Default Re: Should I bake? starch? thanks!

I actually use hairspray. Herbal Essences to be exact. Not only does it hold very well but I get soooo many compliments on how good my products always smell. LoL No one has ever even thought it was hairspray they were smelling.
All bows, after time I think lose shape. It's also easy to let your customers know that if it does get flimsy (which it shouldn't) that they can just hold it in place and spray it with hairspray.
I also use a blow dryer to dry them faster sometimes.

Originally Posted by feathers View Post
Hi ladies!
So I've been making clips for my 5 y.o.princess and now, a couple of months later, they look really old and flimsy.
My question is, should I spray starch them? Bake them too? and HOW exactly do you guys do this?
Next Q...can I bake them once I've glued them onto clips? I'm sure you generally bake first and then glue...but now that its done.... what should I do?
here are pics of the flowers to get an idea, except these pics were taken when the flowers were new and perky. Doesn't look like this anymore.
Thank y'all
Mommy to Carter & McKensy
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