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Default Re: Toggle headbands- Good or bad idea?

Originally Posted by Kiwi's Homemade Lovelies View Post
Hi ladies,

I made my first toggle headband tonight and let's just say it was an experience lol.

Anyway I am curious to know if you all make longer headbands for ladies that have thick bushy hair? It took some finagling to get into mine, i had to put the ends all the way down to the bottom to get it on then i tightened it up but i'm thinking i may want to do maybe a standard 30" plu maybe a 36" for big haired folx.

Is this something you all are doing? Does it make a difference to your customer either way?

Ps - Here is a pic of me with my first togband to give you an understanding of my hair

ps - i'm new by the way, just never got around to introducing myself

I would make it a little longer than 30" for thicker hair, My mom has very thick and I made her one that is 32"
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