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Default Re: surebonder glue gun

Originally Posted by tiff705 View Post
Rene... I want that glue gun!!! Thanks for the product review!

Joan... I have little glue balls all over the living room floor... probably not a great idea with small animals.

I asked for a glue gun with a longer than 4 ft cord and precision tip for Christmas. I don't think I will get it though... can't see Dave searching for that.

Rene, how long is the odrd on the Aileen's glue gun?

Also, yes, Micheals has coupons, they come in the mail once a week to me. You can use your Joann's coupon there also. Sometimes I will tell her I forgot mine and she will whip one up for me... I go there a lot though, she remembers me because I being the dog with me.
Can you use Joann's coupons at Michaels??
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