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Default Re: DRR Toggle headband question

Great Idea! And I was doing that exact combo I see your DD wearing! Love it!

Originally Posted by tdfwx View Post
Even though your show is long over with maybe this could help someone else. Today I went out in search of the bare necessities to make the 1.5 drr with the 7/8 printed, just to see if my daughter liked them. I ended up having the same problem for about 2 hours. I just couldn't get that toggle to adjust once it was through. So after trimming and cutting sharper points(over and over....) I decided to cut the ruffle off of each end and I think it turned out nicely. I dont know if you could sell them this way but for friends and family use I think it's great,especially if you like the look of the wider DRR. (like my dd)!!
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