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Default Re: WHA????? $89 for 6 clips?

Some of her stuff is really cute, but too expensive for my budget. Did anyone notice the typo on her site? Under free shipping...look at the statement about small parts and not intended for "unsepervised" use. I know that is mean, but if you are going to charge those prices, you might want to hire a proof-reader for your I am sure there is a typo in my post, now that I wrote that, but too tired to check!

I do have to give her kudos for being able to sell them at those prices! I wish I could!!

This is really cute though:
I would wear that in my hair in a heartbeat! My dd has several items it would go with too!!

Silly question, on some of her clippies, the ribbon is wider - is that 5/8" ribbon? I never thought of doing that, but love the look. Here is an example:

I do LOVE the monkey though (someone else posted a pic). That is sooo cute. I want one!!
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