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Default Re: wood burner

Alrighty, here are the pics!

My setup:
To prevent my hot tools from burning cords, me, etc, I glue the stands down to make them more stable when they're resting.

Straight lines:
How I hold my metal ruler. It has cork on the back, which is nice because it helps me keep a hold on it. The cork doesn't go all the way to the edge though, so even when I use it upside down the woodburner only comes into contact with metal. (except for the burn marks when I used it as a quick-fix to clean off my burner one time)

Hold your ruler along the 'line' you want cut with one hand

Use the other hand to draw along the ruler (just like if you were drawing a straight line with a pencil/pen and a ruler). Imagine my other hand is still holding the ruler - that's important, but I had no third hand for the camera so the ruler one had to pull double duty.

The result: a nice, clean, crisp straight line.

Making a 'V':
It takes 2 cuts, but really, that's not much more time invested at all, and the end result is worth it I think since it looks so clean and sharp.

Hold ruler with one hand, and starting from the very middle of the ribbon, use the other hand to draw the woodburner toward the outside of the ribbon to make one side of the 'V' ... again, imagine my other hand is actually there, holding the ruler in place.

Turn the ruler to match the angle for the other side of the 'V' and repeat. Yes, the ruler hand is again invisible.

The result is a sharp, crisp V:

(There were how to cut circles with coin pics at this point, but since that is shown in several other instructions of mine I'll leave them out)

Free hand cutting:

Turn the woodburner point 'upside down.'

Find some scrap ribbon to practice on. It's kinda like learning calligraphy in a way - you can only move your 'pen' in two directions. I always go downward and toward the right. For instance, when making an "O" I start at the top left and go clockwise to the bottom right. Then I pick up my burner and go back to the top left to go counterclockwise to the bottom right. Practice writing your name into the ribbon until you get the hang of it:

Once you've got your name down (that's the easiest thing to start with because you already have muscle memory from writing your name all your life) move to other things, like flowers, etc.

Moving in a downward direction only is especially helpful when making grass:

Hope that helps!
Have a great day! ~ Tonya
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