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Default could use some help please

One of the recent posts somewhere asked what we've learned from this forum and this is definitely on the top of the list- FOE and Cuteque flowers!

(i apologize if this is big, i don't know how to do the other way yet)

I used the tutorial by maeve which was great.

This is the first headband with FOE i've ever made and i was wondering about where to put the flower. I didn't make an interchangeable headband, but i still covered the seam with ribbon to hide where it's sealed. Then i glued the flower on top of that area. so the seam part that is now covered with ribbon, which is then covered with a flower, will be on the top of the baby's head, right? does it irritate a little baby (i made this for a friend with a new baby) because of the edges of the ribbon? I hope that makes sense.

My other question has to do with the flower itself. The flower in this picture is the Cuteque CQA37 [ ] that I've taken apart and then put back together and added the crystals.
How do you ladies put the flower back together? do you sew the layers? do you glue them? if you glue them, is is hot glue? i was hot gluing my first one and noticed that since the layers are thin (i only used a bit of glue), it was almost see-through on the top layer (the flower is a light color). do you do something different in order to avoid this?

Thank you so much!!!!
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