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Default Re: cuttlebug vs cricut

Originally Posted by bushfamily View Post
I bought a set of 4 hearts, they're a bit small, but cute. I would buy the sets. (Mine were $12.99 at HL) If you got the original Sizzix (with the lever) You'll need a converter. It's the big magnet thing. Then you can use your cuttlebug dies also. Unless you dont' want to use those dies.

Cynthia, I didn't even see the post where you asked what felt is used. I was using the cheap stuff at HL, but I really want to use the 100% wool, I think that's why I'm holding back. Where did you get your's.
Stupid me, I've been to Hancocks twice and TOTALLY forgot to look for the wool
Hi did mentioned it....I'm using the 100% wool from here: A Child's Dream Come True - Handwork Supplies - Felt&Felting Crafts and also the 100% Polyester from here: Search Results Gotta say tho, that i prefer the 100% wool better than the 100% Poly. There's also a seller on ebay, id feltpro ( eBay Seller: feltpro: Fabric, Dolls items on ) that others had bought from (personally, i hvn't bought from the seller). I've been to my Hancocks and sadly, they only carry the blended felt and I didn't wanna waste my money for that just for experimenting


I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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