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Default Re: Why are Etsy Hairbows listed so inexpensive?

I'm going through this very thing right now. When I started looking for bows to fit in my dd's hair when she was about 9 months old (she was bald until then), they were all like $9 for a no-slip clip. I thought that was nuts to pay that much for something that cost less than .50 to make, so I started making them. Up until this January, I was selling them for $2.00 because like some of you said, it started as a hobby. I've always wanted to offer them a little less because I know I didn't want to pay $9 for a clip. In January, I just raised them to $2.50. I have a HUGE customer base now and I am so busy on top of being a teacher and raising 2 kids that I am heavily thinking about jumping up to $4.00, because now I understand the time involved in making them. That will still price them somewhat lower than what some people sell them for, but also allow me to do some wholesale as I've been asked a few times lately.
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