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Default Re: Do you give bulk discouts?

Originally Posted by thespotteddot View Post
Okay....well, I convo'ed the lady back and she's wanting to buy about 5 bows, but only two of them would be the same. When i did 32 cheerbows earlier this year that were all the same, I gave a discount because there was a huge amount and I could order the ribbon wholesale. I WANT to build my customer base, but I have already been told that I don't charge enough for my bows, plus I offer free shipping for orders over $20 already. I'm just afraid that if I say NO she won't order ANY. However, when she asked if I offered a discount I thought maybe she was ordering for a group of girls. Hmm....
5 Bows is NOT BULK, especially if they are not all the same. If she has a true business that is successful, she would know that. She is just looking for a deal. No special discount warranted in my mind.

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