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Default Re: Urgent help needed please

Cristi - you can't really "bake" ET. What you can do is heat your oven to 200 degrees and then turn it OFF!!!!! Put the caps in and close the door. Open in the morning, and they should be good to go.

On another note - go and buy Del Rio Doming Glaze!!!! You have to do a search online - can['t remember the link righ tnow. 2 part resin, 8 ox. bottle each, 19.95, squeeze bottles!!! comes wiht stir sticks and cups! By VAR fewer problems and bubbles than ET!!! AND.......YOU CAN FREAKIN' BAKE YOUR CAPS AND HAVE THEM DONE IN AN HOUR!!!!!! I kid you not - and they come out beautifully!!!! I love this stuff, even though it is more expensive and you have to have it shipped!!! for quick caps - you cannot beat it!!!
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