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Default Re: Urgent help needed please

Originally Posted by Laias Bowtique View Post
I've baked them before But you have to stay on top of it. Turn oven on to 170 degrees and then turn the oven OFF. When you put the bottlecaps(on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper) in, check them every 5 minutes for the first 15 minutes, taking care of any bubbles that may come up. I use one of those lighters like you would use for a grill by just running the flame over the top. I'm sure you know about all that. You do have to watch and make sure the envirotex lite does not run off the sides of the bottlecap. If this happens, you have to move the bottlecaps out of the run off because they will be cemented in place when it dries.

In saying all of that, I found that I would rather not use the oven method unless you are in a real bind and I guess you are. LOL Good luck. Wanda
Well it might be to late anyways. I resined them 2 hours ago now. I will say that my caps have been drying really fast. I've been really surprised because it's been colder here and yet they are drying faster. They've been averaging about 24 hours but UGH 18 hours I don't know. Here's hoping. I do have an order of ball and chains coming in tomorrow and they are supposed to include a sample of epoxy seals. I've never used them and don't really want to use them but if I have to then I guess I can. Thank you ladies. I guess I will just go ahead and wait this one out nervously.
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