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Default Re: Tutorial: How to make surrounding loops the EASY way!

Originally Posted by sxybunnyg View Post
I was wondering the same thing too, doesn't it melt inthe oven?
Every experience I've ever had with baking anything hot glued (yes, I've tried it) made the hot glue melt. Sometimes it pops apart, sometimes it doesn't.

I always stitch my bows. Hot glue can get yanked apart. I have a 2 year old hair bow-yanking diva daughter. Not taking any chances here!!!!

I do something very, very similar. I stitch mine. I shape them a bit differently, so it looks like a four leaf clover with all of the sides of the loops overlapping (I'll have to try it this way too to see how it looks!). Then I put my loopy layer face up in one of these small glass bowls from the dollar tree. They're three for $1. Then starch and bake the same as korkers. Just another (possibly cheaper and easier to find?) alternative.

Shaping loopy layers makes a huge difference in the stacked boutique.
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