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Default Re: Christmas Clippies Question

I'm looking for Santa, snowman, penguin, gingerbread man/lady, maybe a Christmas present,etc. Basically, anything that could be used for Christmas and/or winter.

I already have the Christmas tree clippie instructions from here, and am going to attempt the poinsettia directions from Girly Things Bows once I get 1/4" yellow grosgrain (I already have some 5/8" red grosgrain ribbon, and will be getting more soon).

On that note, what sizes and colors of grosgrain ribbon work best for the different bows and clippies? I have several spools (ok, a plastic grocery bag nearly stuffed full) of different colors and widths in grosgrain, satin, and the like, but want to know what a good "basic" or "starter kit" set of ribbons would consist of.
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