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Default Re: Easiest width for woven headbands?

Dee Dee you are right 1" are really popular. I started with with the only inexpensive headbands I could find last year...they were the ones that had the tubing on them from Walmart and they came 5 to a pack...they are not quite 1/2". They sold very well for me. So with that in mind in the recent buy I bought 4 dozen 1/2" headbands...Yummmmm imagine my surprise when my friends grandchildren came over on Monday and her granddaughter (8 years old) had on a WIDE (1") headband...I was informed that is the "Popular thing". LOL how would I know? I am far away from my grandchildren and live out in the boonies I had no idea other than what sold well for me last year. I'm sure I will still sell them I'm not worried or complaining about what I bought...but if I had "do overs" I'd buy 2 dozen 1/2" and 2 dozen 1". LOL Be sure to post pictures of your daughters headbands. I love doing them.

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