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Default Re: Cheer Bow Assistance Please!

My method differs little from the others. I normally cut the heat n bond to the size of the ribbon and iron on. Once complete with all the ribbon strips I have to do, I iron each ribbon strip on to the sequined fabric (The fabric is placed wrong side up on the ironing board then the ribbon on top of that to iron). Then cut around the ribbon using a very sharp rotary cutter. Hope that helps.

Originally Posted by phat elephant View Post
I'd like to try making cheer bows and am wondering what is the best way to cut the sequin fabric and adhere it to the grosgrain. Or is it adhered? I dont' even know. Does the sequin fabric need to be stiffened at all? Do you use special scissors to cut it. Do you need to use fray check to keep it from fraying?

I know I have a lot of questions, but don't know where else to turn for answers.

Also if you know of good suppliers for the sequin fabric/ribbon I'd greatly appreciate the info.

Thanks a bunch,
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