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Default Re: Head bands from regular lace

for the big girls this is how I do it.

Two Pony os, I used different colors so it would show up and I wouldnt put these colors with orange ribbon

Put one pony o thru the other

Loop one end of the pony o you put through inside the other

Pull tight so the two pony os are now in sort of a figure 8 and hooked together

Slide the end of the ribbon through one pony o (heat sealed end but I keep it on the roll so I can cut it to the length I need and not waste any)

Fold up a bit of the end of the ribbon and thread your needle through it as pictured

Now pull the thread tight, wrap it around a few times and sew through the middle, I then sew back to the other side a few time to make sure it is secured, then I might add a bit of glue on it to make sure it is secure

then cut tot he length you need and sew on the other side. Then I add some silicone on the inside so it stays put
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