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Default Re: Cheer Bow Assistance Please!

Originally Posted by phat elephant View Post
I'd like to try making cheer bows and am wondering what is the best way to cut the sequin fabric and adhere it to the grosgrain. Or is it adhered? I dont' even know. Does the sequin fabric need to be stiffened at all? Do you use special scissors to cut it. Do you need to use fray check to keep it from fraying?

I know I have a lot of questions, but don't know where else to turn for answers.

Also if you know of good suppliers for the sequin fabric/ribbon I'd greatly appreciate the info.

Thanks a bunch,
I have sequin fabric sitting in my laundry room calling my name. I'm too chicken to get it out and try!!! I even have the 2.25" grosgrain to make the cheer bows... I need to just do it this weekend...

I guess you use heat'n'bond lite to fuse it to ribbon,then trim??? I've heard that it does not fray once fused. Careful, though. Don't press the sequins directly with the iron. Put something in between the iron and the sequins. they'll melt!
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