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Default Re: fabric rolled rose instructions - I need 3 quick testers and

AW, thank you. It's most likely will be on sale Monday or tuesday next week once I am sure everything is working properly. I've just got some pix and comment from my testers. I'll do some minor revisions and might add 2 or 3 extra photos, get it tested again and voila`.
BTW, I sent my tut to the Etsian who preordeed it and she's so thrilled. I am so happy. She left me very positive feedback on etsy (her nick on etsy is butterflyam) and in the convo she wrote :
by butterflyamprofileshopcontact Lynn!!!

I am thrilled with your instructions. They are not only precise, but easily understandable in what I like to call an "apples and oranges" sort of way. I can't wait to try them out. Thank you again. Have a wonderful day!
6 October 2009 5:37pm EDT

so I hope with once more check it should be alright.
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