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Default Re: Cricket Expression????

Originally Posted by The_BowLady View Post
OMG thank you fro posting that! I LOVE my cricut but have gotten tired of using the same font for everything!!!

I have an Expression and actually spend hours on the MB for them just be aware that there are 2 software programs out here SCAL is a program not made by the same company PROVOCRAFT(PC) if something goes wrong with the cricut, it voids your warranty. the CDS CRICUT DESIGN STUDIO is great but it is not compatible with a MAC just a windows based system. Also they have a new system that attaches to your cricut similar to CDS but it is portable, expensive though just like buying 2 cricuts. Yikes. If you but cartridges that are used be careful because if you want that new system which is called a GYPSY, and that used cart was already used in another GYPSY it will not work in yours however it still will work in the cricut. Lots of info I know but the expression has been great. Just one more hint, the craft stores have the carts on sale for about $40 alot but you usually can find deals on ebay that are better. EVEN on Craigslist there is a lady that sells them new to me for $30 I also found the DS for $10 by my house the other day but can not use it because I have a mac unless I get Mac software to make it compatible

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