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Default Re: Cricket Expression????

Originally Posted by cobyshayngirl View Post
I got the smaller one a few years ago the day after thanksgiving for like $100. I never used it, never opened it this past spring I decided to take it back to walmart, since that's where I got it...and it sells for $187! I just exchanged it for the expression and paid the difference. I have used it for everything. Cutting vinyl, construction paper, scrapbook paper, etc. It's wonderful...not sure how I lived with out it.

One recommendation for those that own it or want to own it. My frustration was with having to buy a different cartridge for every freaking font/graphic! It's was too expensive. Buy Sure Cuts Alot (SCAL). It's $75 for 2 downloads. It's designed like cricuts design studio software that sells for $65-$100! What's great about it is that there are thousands of free fonts and dingbats available online. Super easy to download them too. You need one catridge to plug into your cricut, and all cricuts come with one cartridge! Use a USB cord to connect to computer and voila!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me!

OMG thank you fro posting that! I LOVE my cricut but have gotten tired of using the same font for everything!!!
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