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Default Re: baking loops??

I haven't tried the glue method yet but if I do I was thinking about just starching and putting in the cups- I wonder how well that would hold?

Originally Posted by SANDYLS23 View Post
Ive searched the forums for the answer to this and I have found the questions asked but none of them answered LOL so if its a secret no one wants to share I completely understand Im just wondering.

If you assemble your loops with hot glue and then your supposed to bake them to make them stiff, how do you keep the hot glue from melting and the loop falling apart? I followed the tut on making loops and using the little cups to shape them and the first time it fell apart @ 225 degrees for 20 minutes. So, the next time I used alligator clips to hold it together while it baked but then the allgator clip got stuck to the glue Im so confused Please help TIA
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