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Default Re: Best adhesive for bottle caps?

Originally Posted by sla762 View Post
Hey Ronnie - yes - a little picking will do that! I use ET as well - but I do not go over the edges. I don't know how you keep it from running all down the sides of the cap! So if someone wanted to really pick at mine - I guess they could do so as well!
It was so frustrating for me. I have been doing this for about 2 yrs now and I have never had anyone complain about my bows. I take it very seriously because I make sure that everything I make is secured and going to stay. That is why it takes me so long to make bows.

I guess you learn new things as you go. I think I will be adding some info on the back of my bow cards saying that this product is not a toy and can be damaged easily if not properly cared for.

My bf 4 yr old dd is my tester. I make bows and all kinds of stuff and we will let her play with them to see if she can damage them. I learned I had to tighten my korkers because of her. Now they cannot be ripped apart unless an adult does it. She has pulled on the bottle caps to see if they will pop off and to no avail. Even her mom has trouble doing it.

Leave it to one kid to scrape her nail underneath the image and peal it off. That flap of the rip in the posted pic is super duper hard. How in the heck could she have done that without hurting her fingernail?
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