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Default Re: Boutique Party Hats

Ok Start by measuring 21 inches up and down on your buckram Next mark the middle of the line and measure 21 inches across intersecting at the marked center. This circle will make 3 hats.

Measure from the top of the 10.5 inches down, make a pencil mark here then thin pencil line back to top. Now you will measure at a 120 degree angle, from the pencil dot in the center, to create the first hat. Thin pencil lines on this angle will make it easy to cut.

You should have a large circle now that looks like a partial peace sign. Cut the 3 hats. Next you cut the top off your hat. Ill list the different size cuts to make below for the different style hats. Now your ready for the fun part.

Place your hat on your pre-washed / ironed fabric. near the edge and pin it down. Cut around the hat form leaving about .25 inch.

Sew the hat on the 2 strait sides leaving the circle side free. This way you don't squish the buckram and create wrinkles. Trim off all extra fabric and buckram .25 inches to the sewn line, leave the circle part for now.

There are many things you can do now. If you embroider this is the best time to do it (through the fabric only). You can add stones to the design. Paint names or themes. Add ribbons or bows. The possibilities are endless.

Now its time to glue the hat. Run a thick line of glue from top to bottom on one of the sewn lines. Place the other sewn line against the glue and hold (never flatten the hat as the buckram will form that way). The way I do this burns I place my finger at the tip inside the hat and press against my arm running my other hand along the seam.

Cover your back seam with ribbon. You may or may not want to attach chin ribbons. If you wish to add them place them to the sides about 4 inches from the back seam.

Add desired trim to tip and to bottom now your done!

For Wizard and Princess hats snip the tip less than 1inch down.
For Party hats 1.25 inches down.

For Princess hats cut a 14 inch square of chiffon, surge the edges. There are 2 ways to attach 1) Take a corner and push through the top of hat about 1/5 inch and glue in place. 2) Take the square from the center push through top 1/5 inch and glue.

I use many different things for the trims, puff balls, chenille stems (without the wire) maribu boas, bows, korker ribbons, etc...etc...etc...

I am sorry I do not have any ppictures of the princess or wizard hats. I just finished a big show and sold out of them.

I hope you can undrstand my instructions. If you have any questions just msg me or email [email protected]!

I hope this helped!
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