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Default Re: anyone know how to make TuTu BOWS?

Very easy! you need to make 2 circles out of cardboard about the size of a coke can. Cut small holes in the middle of the circle about the size of a bottle a piece of string between the 2 circles, use a clippy to hold in place(make sure your string is around the hole in the middle not across it). Take long strips of tulle, 3 inches wide, length is up to you. Clip the tulle to the same clippy holding the string and proceed to wrap the tulle through the hole and around the outer edge of the circle(makesure you leave the strings hanging out and free). Do this until the tulle can not pass through the hole any longer, or if you want to make them smaller do not wrap as tight.

Cut the tulle by passing it between the 2 circles(use the area where the clippy is to insert cutting tool). once you have cut all the way around take the string and tie a very tight knot. twist the string to the opposite side and make another tight knot. Pull the cardboard free and fluff the tulle! Make sure to put dabs of hot glue within the center of the bow once its fluffed.


P.S. If you want pictures let me know I can take a few.
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