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Default Re: need help for craft show

Originally Posted by mxrod4 View Post
i'm not sure i should post this here, but i've seen many craft show pics where an old picture frame was used as a bow holder. i haven't invested in any peg boards yet. my first one is in a couple weeks with 2 friends so i don't have very much room. i have 2 huge picture frames that i converted into bow holders, but now i need to know how to prop them up. i haven't come across any posts that describes this. i only have table space so i can't really hang them on anything. does anyone have any suggestions. i'm on my way to home depot to see about getting something to make a stand for them. just not sure how expensive that's going to turn out to be. any help will be greatly appreciated!
I use zip ties,or some people call them cable ties,and tie them onto my tent frame.
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