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Default Best adhesive for bottle caps?

I have been using my Xyron permanent adhesive sticker maker to run my bottle cap images through and have never had any problem with my images coming undone.

A lady came into the boutique and bought one of my bows. In fact she bought a bunch of bows. Well she handed this particular bow to her little girl to play with so she should stay still. You could tell this mom had her hands full.

She comes back a few days later and says the bottle cap was defective. Well it wasn't defective. Her dd decided to play with it and pick on the picture until it ripped/cracked on one end. It is very obvious what had happened. I said I would replace it since this was the first time this has happened but I did make it a point that these bows are not toys and doing so will result in damage to the bow.

So now...I am wanting something stronger to hold down the image to the bottlecap. I want that damn thing to be so stuck on there that you would need a knife to pry it off. Anny suggestions? TIA

Here is a pic of the damage:

Here is what it is suppose to look like:

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