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Default Re: Convince me to pay for Picnik

Originally Posted by luvsfordpower View Post
If you're only able to edit a few at a time, check the size of your images. It does this to me when I use large images (over 2000x2000, usually 3,000 and up). You end up using up your browser's temporary memory and need to close the browser to clear it out. If you need to edit high resolution images for printing 8x10's or bigger, I would use Photoshop. For images for the web or smaller prints, it is awesome!

I have to resize mine in PSP9 then go to Picnik and I still have trouble. I love the fonts and watermarking abilities but now I have to do most of my editing in PSP9. My web designer is creating my own frames and is going to be create my own watermark so I don't have to worry about it anymore.

I still say it is worth paying for Picnik just because of what it has to offer.
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