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Default Re: How to Make Cheer Bow that ties around bun???????

I agree with KSC Cheer's interpretation. I would use a piece of 3/8 plain grosgrain in a neutral color (or as close as you can get to hair color) and make it long enough that you can wrap it around the bun base before tying it so that it is secure.

We have done it before with our squads. Instead of using fake hair, they do curler buns. It's impossible to pull a pony-o over those curls without ruining them. I have even cut a pony-o to use as a tie-in. Hence, the convenience of a ribbon tie-in. HTH!

Originally Posted by smileytm View Post
I had someone to ask me to make a cheer bow that ties I don't have a clue. Can someone help?
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