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Default Re: Cheerleading Scrunchies Need to know how to make?

Originally Posted by HairKandyMom View Post
I make these for my daughter all the time. In fact I just made 24 pigtail sets for our peewee cheer/drill team.

I use 3-4 different color/print ribbons, 4 of each color/print cut to 8 inches, heat sealed, cut at a angle. I use the no metal pony o's from RABOM.

I buy sequin material from a supplier on Ebay. I then bond the material to ribbon that matches the material. (ex. pink sequin on pink ribbon)

Someone called these a "spikey bow" I'm not sure but sounds good to me. I've been making them for about 3-4 years and I myself call them "funky pony o's"! LOL


what do you use to bond the sequin to the ribbon? I have tried hot glue in the past myself for bonding ribbon to ribbon and it becomes to stiff. Do you sew it?
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