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Default Re: How I do Silicone Alli No Slips

Originally Posted by QueCute View Post
Have you had any questions from customers concerned about the silicone being toxic, since there is a posibility that the clips will end up in the childs mouth?
I use only NON TOXIC silicone, I buy the DAP brand that is safe for eating or drinking from......the toxic issues for this is only when it is WET not after it is cured

It specifically states that is it safe to eat off of, and non toxic WHEN CURED, so unless it is still wet when the customer gets it, it is non toxic

I might be weird but I also sucked on one for about 20 minutes and could not even BUDGE the silicone off even when trying to peal with my teeth, also, there is no taste from the silicone when I did I would say, it is not likely to come off and cause issues.

I used to use products like velvet and gripzies and shelf liner and that can easily be removed and swallowed and cause a choking hazard that in my opinion is not too safe.....but hey, that is just my opinion and research. Also, I feel safer about this than I do the E6000 glue that many ppl use.....but again, just me
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