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Default Re: Curiosity got the better of me..ordered an HH Korker...come see!

One time when I ordered they sent me the wrong item.. I called them and they apologized and sent me the right item plus to bags of crochet headbands... all dif colors... some extra daisy clips that I ordered previously and a coupon...
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I order one crochet headband from the ribbon retreat and then my hubby placed a order with HH and they called me because they had a question about shipping and I asked the lady on the phone if she could send me just want of there crochet headbands so that I could see the quality of it. She sent it to me and didn't charge me for it either. To me the quality looked the same. Now she could of went through and picked one of the nicer headbands out but I am planning on ordering more of the crochet headbands. But now for that korker. lol Has anyone ever complained to the company about the quality. I know its cheap prices but to me that is still not worth a $
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