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Default Re: Curiosity got the better of me..ordered an HH Korker...come see!

Ive gotten a few of the korkers but they werent that bad. I usually dont sell plain ol korkers though so I take off the clip and I did heat seal the nds of the HH korker and attached it to the middle of a boutique bow. So I dont need it full and stiff, they work for me
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Well, I was ordering headbands from HH and had my 10% off coupon. I had been curious about their Korkers and their insanely cheap price. Well, let me just say to all of the korker makers that HH has nothing on us! LOL. They are terrible! Limp and floppy, snaggled ends everywhere. Take a look at the pics. Sorry for the bad lighting, but I think you can get the idea.
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