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Default Re: Curiosity got the better of me..ordered an HH Korker...come see!

Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
Their Korkers are $1 each with the coupon it was only 90 cents, so that tells you right there that they are probably not that great. Please don't think that I bought this to try and resell! I know there was lots of talk when they first started offering them. I just wanted to see for myself what they looked like. You know scope out the cheap competition. So I ordered 1 and only 1, while I was ordering their crochet headbands. I am not sure how the quality of the headbands compare to others. I have had the HH ones, as well as the ones from Acessories Palace. My experience with both is that you always have a few that are not sewn properly and I consider them "waste". I have not tried to resew the seam though, but I think you probably could. I would definitely not buy these Korkers to resell (I make my own anyways). I was just curious what they looked like (quite horrible!), so I ordered one for "research" and to show the rest of you who were curious about their quality (like we didn't already know). LOL
I order one crochet headband from the ribbon retreat and then my hubby placed a order with HH and they called me because they had a question about shipping and I asked the lady on the phone if she could send me just want of there crochet headbands so that I could see the quality of it. She sent it to me and didn't charge me for it either. To me the quality looked the same. Now she could of went through and picked one of the nicer headbands out but I am planning on ordering more of the crochet headbands. But now for that korker. lol Has anyone ever complained to the company about the quality. I know its cheap prices but to me that is still not worth a $
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