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Default Re: Cheer bow instructions please

Originally Posted by brookshomemadegoods View Post
I just got an order for 60 cheerbows
I'm only charging 6 dollars a bow but didn't realize what they were wanting. I thought I would be doing a simple cheerbow but now it is involving a lot more. So I'm no cheer bow expert. I really need to know who has the best instructions. The kind where the ribbon is all together before forming the bow and the other has the sequin fabric. Does anyone have any free instructions or paid instructions and who has the best. Please help I have to make them soon. Thanks Ladies

idk if you use a wood burning tool but i would reccommend it for a cheer bow and that many i made the hs, jr high/middle school and alll 3 groups of the pop warners cheer bows for my town i do not use templates but i can say idk what i would have done without a wood burning tool one thing i did with the layered ribbons was to cut them with the woodburner and it fused them together so they stayed as ONE SINGlE piece of ribbon when you do your folds...... also another thing was to find the middle of the ribbon by folding the ribbon in 1/2 and using ur tool again to make a small "x" shape for adition ribbon fusing so the stacked ribbon doesnt move when ur folding the bow. I hope this makes sense to u lol! and hope it helps!!!
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