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Default Re: Please don't hurt me....

Originally Posted by cynthia View Post
I think we all understand that Swarovski's are the best especially with the shiny bling bling (oooooo, shiny...). I only use Swarovski's but ever since the CPSIA did their GRAND entrance last year, I stopped using it. Boo hoo,, all my pretty....can't use and I won't use...well, ok, personal use....

But anyhoos, if you haven't read, (you're not the only one)...there's been discussions on this Swarovski's thingy..

This link is the one about the dog, sighs, poor them...

As for Cuteque...clueless.. I've been dying to buy from there but I kept on putting off...pweety flowers....
thanks so much for all that information!
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