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Default Re: Please don't hurt me....

The boutique owner I sell to was pretty bummed when I told her I can't use Swarovski crystals until I found some sort of crystal that the CPSIA would allow. In fact, I don't even know if any of her other suppliers are doing anything about the law. It didn't sound like it when I let her know that one of the bow cards needed to go with each of my items because of the law.

What really gets me is that Swarovski tested and retested, and even used acid. The acid they used is so incredibly strong that most labs won't handle it, and it does not accurately replicate how lead would leach into the human body. Even with that test, they were well below the legal limit. They showed this info to the CPSC and asked for an exemption, and were flat out denied. But Mattel can get away without third party testing? What the heck?
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