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Default Re: Please don't hurt me....

Originally Posted by cynthia View Post
why would anybody wanna hurt you?

Is this your site? I see nothing wrong what you're selling. Just one thing: the Swarovski's. Unless it's geared towards above 13 and umm,.., I saw a thread a week ago or so that a site closed shop due to that issue: Swarovski's) I did take note that your site (IF, it's yours), that it's Swarovski's rhinestones..not sure if there's any difference between Swarovski's Crystals and Swarovski's Rhinestones.

But, if that's not your site, I rest my case as I/we do not know what you're selling so, we can't hurt mean, regardless.. =)
LOL. that is indeed my site. i've heard about the whole Swarovski thing, but i don't know what to do about it. it's funny how ALL of my customers love anything with Swarovski's the best and they sell so well. individual customers and the stores. the more clips like that, the better. I was using the Swarovski's long before i had ever heard of any of these issues, let along the crystals. there is nothing like real crystals though. the acrylic stuff just stinks compared to it.

if what i'm selling is ok, then what is NOT ok? (besides the crystals). you mean the artificial flowers and such? I was actually going to buy some from Cuteque...

thanks for responding, Cynthia.
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