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Default Please don't hurt me....

I had briefly heard of the new laws a while back, but didn't know any details. i had heard from one of my stores and they asked me to put a certain sticker on my packaging and they would do the rest. that's really all i had heard about it all.

Now that i've been on this site for a little bit, i've been able to see just how much is involved.

and frankly my dear, i don't give a damn.

really, it sucks and is soooo annoying and i'll be honest- i haven't changed things as of right now. am i going to change things asap? no.

so please don't hurt me and think evil of me. i'm just going to do as i've done. i sell mostly to stores and they are buying from me as usual. when i see issues come up, i will tend to them accordingly- like the store that asked me for special labeling.

i just wanted to say this after i've been reading post after post about it all and i can hear the frustrations in the posts and some people are even hurt by other board members about things being said. i don't want that to happen and i only just got here. this place is amazing and you women here are amazing too. thanks for all the help you've given me in this short time.

(should i click the "submit new thread" button?!)
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