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LOL you are too funny....I think she means she takes the 15 in pieces and folds them in half (so they are about 7.5 in) and then folds it in half you have a thick pile of tulle that's about 3.75 inches that what you were thinking??

Originally Posted by tinytutus View Post
ok when you say lengthwise which way do you mean (i know, sorry, but im serious! LOL) if its long ways in front of, did you take the long bottom and fold it up and than fold it again, or did you take the shorter end and fold it, and than again? and than ill be able to figure out whic h way width way is bc itll be opposite of that way. sorry, its just that length wise could mean folding the length in half or folding the lengthwise side up, thats why im confused.
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