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Default Making bows for black peoople

Okay, I know my subject line is a little like "HUH????" but this is my issue and a warning to those of you who have black customers.

A lot...okay a majority of people with black (african carribean) hair or biracial (anything mixed with black) hair uses oil (or as some people call it grease) in our hair. If you don't know why.....please google it. My issue is that I've had 2 of my black customers come back to me for replacements because their bows/headbands have fallen apart. I suspect it is the oil that they use in their hair. The reason I say this is because I had one lady tell me that she can't make bows for her daughters hair because the oil that she uses in her hair makes her bows fall apart.

I've never had an issue with this with the bows that I make for myself because I rarely use oil in my hair.

Since it is very common with black people, I want to know what could I use instead. Would E6000 work? I hate to put a disclaimer on people who use grease, but I would feel wrong selling it to people who I know might use oil in their hair. What should I say?
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