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Originally Posted by hipgirl View Post
Hi Melissa,

If you have transactions on Hip Girl forum with this person, please leave her a feedback (positive, neutral or negative) and the comments. This will help other members because others will learn from your experience.

As you mentioned, people who run bad business move from time to time, they might have multiple identities. The best way to protect ourselves is to file the dispute with PayPal or credit card before the deadline. It's nothing personal, all sellers should deliver the service or product by deadline. Otherwise it's the seller responsibility to take the risk -- order the product first and bill the customer later. If I were in a group buy, I would filed the dispute before deadline no matter who's the host--I will let her know that I'll pay for my order when it's ready to be shipped.

Another thing, sometimes people link all kind of bad business to one target--might or might not be true. So please only leave 1 feedback per actual transaction (not the experience from friends, members from other board etc).

Please do not post the new thread about this matter.


Thank you Michelle for getting back to me. I really do appreciate it.
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