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I used to tie mine but they would always slip and I'd end up cursing!! LOL! So, I started to sew mine and apart from the every-so-often needle breaking, I love to do it that way! I also use a wood burning tool and enjoy making Korkers so much more now!! First I bake, etc like normal. Remove from the dowel, heat seal one end. Then, I marked on my glass cutting board the length I need (I do a little over an inch), put the korker up to the marks, find where I need to cut. I then use my first finger and thumb to straighten the ribbon with one hand and use the wood burning tool to cut and seal. When I am done cutting, I string a needle, and put one piece of ribbon on at a time. I love doing it this way because I can really control the pattern. Don't put them down the string until you have put all the pieces on. Then pull through, go through the center again and tie off!! Fluff and starch! I have really gotten it down for the most part now and they go pretty quickly. HTH!! Let me know if you have any questions!!
Oh, and BTW my 20 mos old leaves her "pretty pretty" in just long enough to loose while we are out!! Good thing I can make them cheap!!
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