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Default NBNG, BBM or Rib-n-Raps?? What's the difference?

I am trying to decide between the three. Can anyone post pics of their templates so I can see the difference? Can you also post the pro's and con's of your template set? I have read through loads of posts on opinions, but mostly people just say I have this set & love it. What do you LOVE about your templates? What do you not like so much about your templates? I'd like to hear both good & bad about your templates. I have only really seen a pic of the Rib-n-Raps one (that they only showed one of) on a video on the Gatorbite website. Would like to see a pic of the complete SETS of them to see what the difference is. Or are the templates for the BBM & NBNG similar/the same? The Rib-N-Raps one was way different than the very small pic of the ones for the NBNG that I saw. Do the BBM & NBNG ones bend at all when you are wrapping ribbon around them, since they are plastic? The Rib-N-Raps one didn't seem to bend in the video. They are quite different looking though than the NBNG one. Thank you to anyone who replies!!!
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