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Default Re: Stupid Bottlecaps with pictures

Originally Posted by KasCssAceZjs View Post
No I use liquitex. Can you use just a little bit of ET lite at a time? i have some but I thought it was just for big jobs and I never do alot of bottle caps at a time. Plus theres no craft store i can run too. I have to get everything online so I've been scared to use it.
Yes, you can use just a little bit of ET Lite at a time. I use a graduated medicine cup - , if I remember correctly, you are also in Germany. For whatever reason, Amazon wouldn't ship this to my APO box, so I had to have it sent to my MIL and then she sent to me along with some other things we needed to have shipped to us. I also don't usually have a huge amount of bottlecaps/dog tags to do at a time, and the 1oz med cups work perfectly for my small jobs. ETA: the plastic in those cups are really flexible so it is easy to pinch the plastic to make it a little bit easier to control how the ET comes out.

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