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Default Re: Making my 1st batch of real korkers tonight

I didn't get to make any tonight, I was finishing up the diaper wreath and finished the layers on the diaper cake. I am hoping to post pics tomorrow of them. I am kind of proud of them, for being my first and not really knowing much about either of them. The cake is going to be more of a dispaly item because I bought her lots of clothes and it is hard to put them on the cake without covering it up and it is so pretty that I don't want to cover it, lol. I made my niece a mini diaper cake, she is 1, I put little hair bows and a kufi hat & a princess wand. I will post that also.I am also making a knotted fleece blanket. ( If anyone has any tips about those, I would greatly appreciate them, lol.) I am trying to do so much all at once. My mom and I bought some very nice gifts for the games today and ordered the cake and thought about the foods, bought decorations, so I am half way there, lol. * wipes the sweat away* lol.
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