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Default Re: Please Help- Anyone who's made headbands!

I totally agree with the Sealah tape! I wrapped 50 over the weekend all nice & smooth with the tape. I havent done fabric covered ones yet, but I am in on the hairparts buy, so when my foam headbands come in I will try to cover them with fabric & use the Sealah tape.
When I cover headbands, I cover the 1/2 ones with 5/8 ribbon. I tape the under side with my new love (SEALAH) then just wrap diagnal, (keeping the ribbon tight)tuck under the ends at the end of headband. If I can find my picture upload thing, I will upload pics later. If there is any bunching up of the ribbon,after im done i just work it out with my nail..
I haven't yet done the fabric covered ones but im thinking just cut the fabric 1/2 inch longer on ea side, run a line of SEALAH underneath, wrap-both sides then cover the seam with chinese braid-on a foam 1inch headband.

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