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Default Re: marabou question

I'm still confused. I've read the posts, seen the pics (cute BTW ) but I'm still lost. When I bought my marabou, it came w/ a cord in the middle. Do you wrap the cord in a figure 8? If so, that seems like A LOT of marabou. LOL. If not, how would you use the tape or ribbon? I'm not getting the picture of gluing the marabou to the ribbon & then cutting it. It would show in the bow I'm wanting to use it for & what fell off wasn't enough to just stick on a bow w/ my french not in the center & still have it seen in the bow. Does any of this make sense? I love the look of marabou, but my first attempt has me feeling like I wasted my money b/c more of it ended up either on the floor, the glue gun or stuck to me than on my actual bow. HELP!!!! Much appreciated!
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