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Default Re: Baby Shower HELP!!!

My theme was ducks, so my grandma make me a duck cake and then put cupcakes all around the cakes and decorated them like baby ducks.

AND my aunt did the cutest thing. I asked for a bathtub on my gift list and she bought it and put a baby doll in it and then put the clear christmas tree balls in it and it looked like bubbles. CUTE CUTE

my aunt also took pictures of random cute babies and punched holes in them then hung them up with spiral paper.

the game i love the most is the diapers. You put different seasonings and smells in the diapers then everyone smells them and trys to guess what they are. another cute one is get paper plates and put them on your head and then try to draw a baby. who ever draws the best baby wins.

I love baby showers. lol
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