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Default Re: Stupid bottlecaps

Originally Posted by angelteddy52 View Post
I just made a batch of bottle caps that turned out great! One of my friends suggested I use Enviro Tex Lite. You have to mix the resin but believe me it made the difference! I am so glad I bought it.

I print my own images on photo paper.
I let them dry over night before punching them out.
I run them through my Xeron sticker maker and then attach to my already painted and dried bottle caps.
I then spray with Krylon clear sealer and let that dry over night.
This time I used the Enviro Tex Lite and used a 1 inch sponge brush to apply it. It worked great. (The last time I did a few but used a popcicle stick to spread it and didn't get that technique perfected!) I kept watching them and applying small dots of resin with the sponge brush as they needed it. Then I went over them with a torch lighter to get out the bubbles. They look really good. This is the first time I've been proud of them!

Hope this helps!

Love, Bear Hugs & Angel Kisses,
Ms. Dee

I use ET Lite as well and the Xron sticker maker. with ET Lite if you have some that don't turn out right you can apply a second layer of ET after a couple of days and they turn out great. If I use printed images from Walgreens I don't even spray with a sealer just go right over the pic....
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